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Othniel Consulting offers research and advisory services that assist clients to stay abreast of developments in the ever-dynamic corporate space. We also pride ourselves in making research work in the drive towards sustainable development, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our services are focused on 3 types of establishments:

  • Private Sector (Small, Medium and Large-scale enterprises)
  • Public Sector (Government Agencies at National and Sub-national Levels)
  • Non-profit (Non-Governmental Organisations and International Development Agencies)


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    Strategy and Change

    In the present time, strategic change management is properly considered as the main category of the management as every part of the organization deals with it somehow. Internal environment of the organization changes along with the dramatic transformations in the societal environment, structure and composition of the market, and global environment.

    To gain the strategic preparation in order to utilize the environmental opportunities, along with dramatic progress in information technology, some new necessities are required. These necessities also involve changing attitudes to environmental factors.

    Othniel Consulting, with its network of experts, has the potential to prepare comprehensive services with a focus on the strategic plans.

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    Development Evaluations

    Too often development evaluations seem like a problem rather than an opportunity. Othniel Consulting turns surveys into practical management tools that yield more reliable results and better projects and proposals, while making development evaluations less difficult for you.



    It’s often not easy to devise indicators, plan a baseline, manage weak partners, or meet tight budgets. We know. We’ve helped people like you solve these problems over the years.


    So you get more useful evaluations – while the process is simpler for you. From defining needs and strategies to determining progress and lessons learned, you’ll proceed with confidence, knowing your proposal or project is likelier to succeed.

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    Sophisticated Research Made Simple

    A full-service research facility that applies sophisticated analytical methods and cutting-edge tools to help our clients make more informed business-driven decisions. Our work involves all stages of the research process from initial design, through execution and analysis, to the development and implementation of data-driven recommendations that allow our clients to drive toward greater process impact.

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    Cutting-edge Technology

    Our researchers use cutting-edge technology and research methods to uncover the patterns, trends, and relationships to provide valuable insights and resolve real-world questions. We provide data analysis techniques and tools that allow clients to drill down, explore, and actively "mine" data for deeper insight.


    Othniel Consulting takes data security seriously, and survey data, client information, and respondent identities with proven security procedures and encryption standards for our methods, computers, networks, and personnel.

Looking for Research Design ConsultationResearch Instrument DesignData Collection and Processing Data Analysis and Reporting Strategic Action Planning Implementation of Action Plans?

Research Consulting

We provide numerous ways to help support your quest for success. Whether that may be designing a survey with you that will yield the most accurate data…


Valuable Ideas

Innovative ideas for providing consultancy services on organizational development, change management, performance management…

Trusted Insights

Make the right decisions with forward-thinking insights, verified peer-driven research, and robust metrics and data.


Strategic Advice

Cut through the noise with one-to-one guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most. We deliver better research outcomes. 

Grow Faster

Improve performance through actionable insights, advice and tools
Benchmark Analytics

Fueled by market-leading data and actionable insights delivered by our specialist practitioners, you can make fact-based decisions to : Measure | Optimize | Transform 

Strategic Consulting

We help you create a roadmap to success for your mission-critical priorities with our industry-specific best practices. Solidify your strategic decisions  | Achieve exceptional results 

Our Process

We invest in our technology, delivering research to you that is innovative, thoughtful and clear and ingrained in your success.


What stand Othniel Consulting out?

The quality of our expertise and track record of efficient service delivery


We use our consulting skills, agile design experience and amazing technology to create award winning and market winning programs that have changed how people think about research and its role in the development process.

Othniel Consulting

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    OCL offers a wide range of research and consulting services to support business decision making and analysis. Our expertise gives our clients confidence to define strategy, identify new opportunities, evaluate the markets and improve performance. We emphasize practical results, quality services and professional independence. Our measure of success is our clients' success.


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