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About us

Having had nearly two decades of research consultancy experience, Othniel Consulting Ltd became a Private Liability Company in 2019, setting out as the preferred choice for conducting social, economic, political and development-based research in Nigeria in particular and within larger Sub-Saharan Africa region.

With its head office in Lagos, Nigeria, the firm is presently expanding its representation to other major cities in Nigeria.

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With real-time solution as the fulcrum of our operations at Othniel Consulting, the expectation is that all our employees perform their duties efficiently and optimally within a supportive context. With a focus on client’s satisfaction, it is an unwavering intent of our company to offer services of utmost quality at an essentially competitive cost.



Supporting clients by delivering insight into their work and environment.


Enhancing strategy development for clients, supporting policy and operational change.


Enabling and assessing impact from research, innovation and scholarly communication.


Industries We Serve

Universities and Research Organisations

Specialised and targeted research on behalf of our clients with essential analysis and presentation of key findings.

Governments & NGOs

Development of research management policies and procedures for research management rules and governance.

Publishing & Scholarly Communication

Othniel Consulting Ltd can review, analyse, assess, and recommend solutions for publishing and scholarly communication

Othniel Research & Consulting

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    OCL offers a wide range of research and consulting services to support business decision making and analysis. Our expertise gives our clients confidence to define strategy, identify new opportunities, evaluate the markets and improve performance. We emphasize practical results, quality services and professional independence. Our measure of success is our clients' success.


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